Científicos esperan grabar sueños

Scientists hope to record dreams

Ilustración de una "máquina de sueños"

The US researchers say they want to record dreams electronically. Writing in the journal Nature, scientists in California developed a system that can record a higher level brain activity. The lead researcher believes that it could possibly be used to study dreams.

Pallab Ghosh

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The idea of a machine recording dreams sounds fanciful but a research team in California is to explore whether it might be possible, at least in a limited way.

A study by the team suggests that the activity of individual brain cells, or neurons, is associated with specific objects: for example when a volunteer was thinking of the actress Marilyn Monroe, a particular neuron lit up.

By showing volunteers a series of images, the team was able to identify neurons associated with a wide range of objects and concepts.

The next step for the researchers is to see whether they can make sense of the brain waves of sleeping volunteers and if so, whether they correlate with the accounts of the volunteers’ actual dreams.

Pallab Ghosh, BBC News

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poco realista

to explore
explorar / investigar (la posibilidad)

brain cells
células cerebrales

particulares / específicos

lit up
se activó


associated with
vinculadas / asociadas con

make sense of

correlate with
establecen una correlación entre

accounts of
relatos / versiones de

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